Growing in the experience of Empathy and Clairsentience
          I have seen or been posed the question in one way or another half a dozen times in the past few days about the roll and the abilities of the empath in Mediumship/Healing and ‘Lightwork’ in general. Upwards of 80% of the students that arrive at my door have enhanced talents in Clairsentience and empathetic experiences. This is beautiful and frequently misunderstood.
All those in any type of service to others, any healing tradition (mainstream or ‘alternative’), all those with an awareness of being a part of Spirit that goes beyond self, all those who are coaches, can teach, have compassion, most of those who have or care for children, animals and/or gardens all have empathetic talents.
          Empathy is the ability to be aware of the feelings, the situation, the circumstances around oneself and have that translated somehow through the human experience.
As one becomes aware of a self-outside of self and the energies that connect and flow through all of creation the sensitivity in the experience is heightened. As we meditate, as we practice healing, as we pray, as we complete yoga or QiGong practice, as we exercise, as we practice and hone mediumistic abilities we sensitize ourselves: the empathic awareness grows, becomes wider and deepens.
          The work, the spiritual practice, the development that the individual does for him/her self with spirit allows for one to understand where the source of the information: emotions, feelings, experiences of another individual consciousness is blending with ones own. At the point of the blending it is possible to experience in awareness and witness. It is possible to allow the intermingling of experience to take place without becoming the experience. One MUST have a personal spiritual practice of some sort that allows for time of personal energy cognition to fully actualize the separation of experience and maintain a witness state.
          A personal spiritual practice is as individual as each human. One must experiment in understanding of self to know what is needed for a time of energy awareness and focus in a state of awareness and witness of one’s own power and the power and energy all things, people and all of Spirit. My personal Spiritual practice has morphed and taken on many forms, as my own personal needs and awareness changes and challenges continual expansion into experience.
          Personal boundaries with the experience in the form of recognition of self is the most important. Spirit is beyond intelligent. Spirit also learns and grows as we learn and grow. As we continually develop a state of alignment between ourselves, our soul and all of Spirit, the work of Spirit can manifest clearer though us and the channel we create. Understanding our own limitations, understanding our own experience and understanding where we need more practice and awareness is paramount. Spirit does not bug us, or hurt us, our interpretation of the energy exchange or experience is what leads to these conclusions. We are continually challenged to be more, experience more, and create more accurate interpretations of our experience.
Know thyself. Take breaks when you need, don’t cut corners on the Spiritual Practice you have set up. Keep your own personal appointment with Spirit as you would keep an appointment with a client or one’s accountant. Sit and exchange with others who are working in the same pursuits. I have found nothing more aligning, healing and time that benefits all involved than allowing the space and time to sit in awareness with others, to have a circle of meditation, sitting in the power, healing, awareness and recognition that by the sitting, by the allotting of time and by sharing that without others, we expand, recognize and grow together.
          Shining one’s own energy out into the world, allowing the complete blending with others and the world through recognition and love, and through witness is important. Especially important when holding sessions with clients. We allow for the feeling and awareness and recognition of the love of Spirit though our presence with another, client or otherwise. When we fully practice being a witness to these energies, and not becoming the energies in the moment we fully serve. It is in this way others may also feel the touch and love of Spirit through our willingness not only to be there, but to continually practice and grow ourselves.
Empathic Awareness
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