Healing Clinic Times may be scheduled through the scheduler or by dropping in from 10AM – 1PM on Mondays at Unity in Edinboro. Healers are available for people and pets.

healing classSilver Birch said healing flows “from Spirit, through Spirit, to Spirit”, affecting the spirit need of the recipient, be it mind, body, emotion or spirit. The healing is directed from Spirit through the healing medium to the recipient.

The core of Jenn’s ministry is Spiritual Healing. At the heart of any work with Divine is the healing of self and others. Jenn is trained in Spiritual Healing, Reiki and QiGong Healing techniques.

Spiritual Healing is shared in the form of Absent Healing and/or contact  healing (hands-on healing). Distance Healing entails the healer sitting in the presence of Spirit for the intentions of others. Jenn, along with the Bolts of Love Healers do this regularly for those who have asked to be placed on the healing and prayer lists. Hands-On Healing is named such because of the contact between the Healer and the client. The Healer lightly touches the recipient with permission and attunes to the spiritual healing power for the healing to take place. The person receiving the healing does not have to have a particular faith or belief system for the healing to be effective. Spiritual Healing is directed to the needs of the individual seeking healing automatically.

Healing Services held at Unity in Edinboro at 7PM each Wednesday (130 Meadville Street, Edinboro, PA). Your healing and prayer requests may be made through the CONTACT page at any time. Requests are held in intention through the month by Jenn and the Bolts of Love Healers. All intentions may be placed on the healing list again, if the need exists.

To learn more about healing for yourself and becoming a medium of healing for others, or joining the Bolts of Love Healers please visit the CLASSES page.

HARRY EDWARDS “from whatever source the healing of the sick is sought, it is clear that spiritual healing is God’s gift to all his people, irrespective of religious beliefs or nationality.”

Special Thanks for the Inspiration from the Healers of The Open Door Spiritualist Sanctuary to allow for continued unfoldment, development and service as a healing medium.