“The beauty of creation is reflected in each one of us. The love of the Creator is amplified when we share that reflection with each other. The sharing can be simple hugs, smiles, listening, running errands, a text, a phone call, a letter. The sharing can be complex: feeding the hungry, donations of money and goods, donations of time to causes which touch our heart. The sharing can be silent in our hearts sent out in the form of prayers, love and healing. Each act of sharing is an act of gratitude for what we are able to share. Each act of gratitude is an expression of the unconditional love that created the beauty of the Universe we all reflect.”

I went to a workshop this past weekend. It was one in which we released anything that needed released from the year before or even years before. We created posterboards of the things we would like to work towards and manifest in our lives in the upcoming year.

I guess it is a lot like the creation of resolutions … but in this workshop there was an awareness that we can get in our own way to manifesting all the good that is already available for us. We acknowledged that how we deal with events that are out of our control like car repairs or other’s actions really help shape the kind of world we make for ourselves.

There were so many wonderful things people shared about their own walks, lives, hopes and fears. There was a time in which everyone shared their boards made from drawing, magazine cut outs, words — each one of them very beautiful, each one very unique.

When it came to my turn to share I realized that I really had made a gratitude board. There was representation of my children, family, of Bolts of Love, of my ministry work. There were lotus flowers speaking of new beginnings and a very large bird I found in a National Geographic Magazine soaring with the caption stating that there are always new possibilities.  I realized during the short 90  minutes of the workshop that I didn’t have any gripes. I sometimes feel overwhelmed by my children or the house or finances or my work just like anyone else does … but I did not feel like there was anything I needed to work on … I needed to just keep growing.

On my board I placed a cut out of a very beautiful woman in meditation. Reminder that to keep growing I need to keep in mind the Source allowing me to do any growing at all. There were not any overt signs of God on my poster. The whole thing, the entire package was a reflection of me and thus God working with me. The thought crossed my mind as I listened to others that perhaps I had done it wrong, perhaps I did not get the whole idea of the time spent at the workshop. I thought about that again later in the day.

It is an interesting thing to be at a place in one’s life that worry does not take center stage. It is an interesting thing when even though there are the every day problems, and family issues and, and, and … that none of them feel at all overwhelming. My one true wish was just to keep growing in the love that I feel now more than ever.

This past weekend is significant in mine and my husband’s relationship. We would celebrate the days around New Years more than our wedding anniversary not for the New Year itself but because it was a New Year’s weekend that we decided to make our relationship an official one. This is the third time I have spent that weekend alone since his passing. It was incredible for me to sit on the floor, creating a board about what I wanted to manifest and what I needed to release on that special date and feel nothing but gratitude for everything my life is and everything is has been and everything it is becoming. My wish being to manifest ways in which to share that gratitude with others.

Gratitude I would not have if it were not for the endless amounts of friendship, service and love that people have shown and shared with me — in the tiny ways and the really huge ways.

Sharing encourages and facilitates healing. It did for me. I look forward to continuing the cycle.


Healing through Gratitude
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