Seems I cannot get away from the word Karma lately.

I see postings on the Internet of people that are upset with each other wishing Karma to take over.

I have had two clients this past week concerned with bad Karma.

And I am reading a book now about how to be more spiritually connected and twice while I am reading the author has dispelled some myths that people seem to have where Karma is concerned.

I really do not want to go into the whole history of the word or where is came from and how three of the worlds most populous religious bents … Muslim, Hindi and Christian .. all look at the word and what it means to them. What I would like to say is that Karma simply means CAUSATION.

Causation can be “good” or it can be “bad”. There is a cause and effect relationship to every thing we do. And the word there that is most important is “WE”. What WE do and how WE react and what we bring about to OURSELVES.

Karma is not a punishment from Divine and certainly not punishment for something we may have done or not done a long, long time ago. I had more than one person say to me that he/she must have done something totally and terribly wrong in another life time because they were in such a bad state at present. He/she was sure that everything going on in life at present must be punishment.That he/she must be a very bad person.


We are not terribly punished because of wrong doings from a completely loving and wonderful Divine Spirit. Jesus tell us that NO ONE sinned to cause the blind man to be born blind. The man did not sin and his parents did not sin.(John 9:1-3) We do have to learn from our mistakes. We do have to learn from life situations. Sometimes we have incredible challenges in our life and that is WAY different than a mistake or a “sin”. If we make a mistake, if we do something that is not all that wonderful….even in our thoughts because THOUGHTS ARE THINGS — we do have to say sorry, we do have to make amends, we may have a CAUSATION happen that we may not totally like because of what we have done.

THAT is Karma. That is the Universe evening out the situation. That is the lesson from Divine.

It also works the opposite. I do not understand the predilection that Karma has to be a negative. If we live the life we are supposed to live. If we do our very best in thoughts and deeds then we will be offered the best in choices from Divine.

The cause and effect nature of the Universe is pretty immediate. The whole notion that we need to keep living out some type of penance for something we may or may not have done .. and may not even remember from eons ago is just not the case. Remembering that Spirit is GOOD and remembering that we are supposed to learn and improve and then spread what we are learning to others.

Now here is an extreme example … but what if you are a parent and your three year old, even after being told many, many times not to play ball in the house, does so anyway and knocks over a vase full of water and freshly cut flowers. Upon impact the vase shatters creating a incredible mess of glass and water. Instead of placing the three year old in time out and having him help you clean up the incredible mess you say absolutely nothing and just clean up the mess. Now fast forward to when the child is about 20 years old. He comes home for college break and you totally lay into him about the broken vase and insist that he sit in the corner instead of joining the family conversation and then insist that he clean the entire living room. The child is completely confused as to why he is being punished because he doesn’t even remember what he did when he was three years old.

For us to learn from mistakes the cause and effect needs to be pretty immediate. We need to remember the situation and hence see the direct effect of our actions and thoughts. To learn that we should not play ball in the house and what happens when we play ball in the house we would have to help clean it up IMMEDIATELY. Then we would think twice about doing it again in the future. We would even help remind others that playing ball in the house is really not a good idea.

An all knowing, all loving Divine knows that.

You are loved.
Divine spark is in you making you inherently GOOD.
Spirit resides in EVERYONE making everyone inherently GOOD.
Imagine a world in which we ALL knew that and acted toward each and every person they met as they were speaking to that spark of Divine.
The talk and concern of bad Karma would totally disappear. 

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