Positive and Negative Energies

The existence we share as incarnate souls creates the perception of polarity. We recognize Light and Dark, Positive and Negative, Evil and Good and all the variations in-between that are possible given our moral understanding and perception of any life circumstance.

Consider that ALL energy has come from the same Source. The same Source that gave breath and birth to the stars, galaxies, solar systems, planets, life …. You. Consider that all this wonder has been completed through the engine, the catalyst of Unconditional Love and that all of creation is a manifestation of this Unconditional Love playing out in full fashion.

As part of this continuum of Unconditional Love we have been allowed consciousness, within that consciousness we have been gifted with the ability to choose ways in which we explore, grow and realize the Unconditional Love associated with the Creator and All of Creation. We chose to come to a place so dense, so unlike the Light from which we originated to understand the fullness of the Light we are from. We came to a place of perceived polarization. We came to a place that takes stillness of heart and mind to recognize we are part of something more. We came to a place in which we could most realize service, and all aspects of unconditional love by dealing with not always feeling like we have it readily available. We came to experience an incarnate life.

It is our perceptions that allow something to be dark or light. When it is the awareness of fully following our soul purpose, or being aware of areas in which we either need to understand. When teaching healing and new students or clients feel a space within themselves that feels dense or stuck, it is not evil or dark energy … it is energy that does not align with us currently. It is energy, it is thought, it is experience, it is emotion that we may need to be aware so that we adjust our actions, our perceptions, our healing and our alignment accordingly.

We will feel situations in our lives, we will feel places where people made decisions to do actions that do not align with our realization of morality, truth or love, we may feel the heaviness someone else is experiencing, we may have deep seeded compassion for people we know that are experiencing disasters and life situations beyond their control, we may even feel the hurtful expressions of others our way. These are all mirrors to reflect information back to our incarnate selves. These are all constructs to create an experience in which we have choices on how to realize our own experience and develop a unique understanding of Love and Service.

We may choose to not participate in such activities, we may choose to bring awareness to the lives of others, we may choose to speak our own personal truth, we may choose to choose compassion for ourselves and others in any situation, we may choose to understand that acts of any individual no matter how harsh, no matter how out of bounds with the awareness of love of Spirit does not condemn that person to being evil or having dark energies. An unignited soul, a soul that has not unfolded, is living in ignorance. This is where service is most valuable. This is where those who have ignited can choose to shine brighter, can choose to keep striving for more alignment, more compassion, more love without judgement and creating a world in which the ignited are louder than the unignited. This is the makings of Peace and of True Understanding.

These choices often need to take place on a second by second basis. We all have mirrors which are hard to consider and fully take in the information being sent back. The whole world, all it people, every situation is a mirror. Each mirror is a choice. Not all mirrors are clear. Some we don’t understand right away or contain information we don’t want to deal with, recognize or consider too terrible to even look at. In this world of polarization those mirrors may mistakenly be understood as a darkness from Spirit itself. This can never be the case. The only polarization is in this incarnate existence is perceived and is here for growth, learning and understanding purposes — -and we, as a community have asked for this experience. The mirrors that arrive are all for the experience: the good, the bad, the ugly, the joyous, the misunderstood, the beautiful.   Spirit itself is pure unconditional love. We are prized, cherished and even held up in high esteem because of our willingness to traverse this route of soul growth and understanding. It is though our walk here that allows all consciousness of Spirit to grow in the understanding of love and service. The angles, saints, ancestors, guides, maters, enlightened beings, discarnate souls… all of Spirit helps to guide and learn from each other. We are part of that journey.

“You are not your experience. You are the energetic result of that which your experience has shown you. You determine how your own experience is interpreted. Your choices in life simply offer to you the opportunity of experience. Experience has no success, failure good or bad until you compare your accomplishment to someone or something else. With respect to your uniqueness, who could possibly qualify as your yardstick?”  — “Do we allow for perfection within imperfection? Is there enough love available within self to allow for the possibility of perfection in whatever is shown to us by others in our lives? “ – Gregg Braden



Positive and Negative Energies
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