This is an interesting post for me since it was asked for by a healing student.

A couple of weeks ago I officiated at a healing and message evening. Part of the evening is a short talk about healing and how it affects us in our day to day lives.

The last healing evening I spent a lot of time on prayer and the influence of prayer into our lives, and even how we pray for each other. I was asked to try and get the talk into print. ………

I had noticed in the days before the healing evening that there had been many more posts than usual in the social network feeds of people asking for prayers for all kind of various things. Anywhere from children being home sick from school, to surgeries, to terminal conditions. There were prayer requests for guidance, for both themselves, family members, friends and situations going on around the globe. There was certainly an acknowledgement happening that there is power in prayer and that there was power in many praying for the same healing intention.

There were other postings of people that had shared a bit about their life, that did not ask for prayers, but prayers were being offered in the comments section of the status updates. There were things like “sending love”, “sending prayers”, “sending healing,” ……

All of these things were wonderful. I wondered if it was just that I had a group of people in my feed that got it? Had there been a turn of events that openly praying and sending healing through the social networks was the norm?

To be with a group of people that are all centered on the healing of another is a beautiful thing. To be with people that allow connection to Divine to flow through them and others for a common purpose is powerful. Participating in prayers with others for the same healing purpose… even at a distance.. can be a game changer for so many that are in need of help and healing.

I wondered, however, how much of that “I am praying for you” stopped the moment the key strokes ended. I wondered how many people took the time to sit with that intention, sit with the emotion of wanting to help another. I wondered how many people took the time to ask those in Spirit to come forth and help the one that they typed they would send the prayers.

Praying is an interesting word. There are prayers written that many people have memorized. There are mantras and beautiful words that illicit good feelings and wonderful thought. Praying for another is much more than the rote prayer. There are many that tell me that God knows exactly what we need. Yes. That is true. Are we expecting that to manifest all on its own or have we taken the time to sit with it, to send the emotions, the cares, the intention? Have we spent the time sharing and sending our love to others and ask that it be combined with the love of Spirit for another? Are we deciding to sit uninterrupted and focused for 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 15 minutes on the intention we said we would send when we typed “sending prayers”?

There is power in prayer, there is power in healing. There is power in the alignment of our hearts with our actions and our being willing to share our own love as the Creator shares with us. Prayer is emotion. Prayer is taking the time. Prayer is being focused and KNOWING we make a difference in our prayers. Healing takes place. Hearts are softened, Those that pray come to have a relationship with Spirit bringing about understanding and growth. Perhaps not in the ways that we think that it should take place … but it does.

The next time you type the words … “sending love” or “praying for you” — do just that. Not with a prayer that was written down by another that you have memorized, but with one from your heart, your soul…. make the conscious effort to send your prayers not only to the Divine but to also the person and/or event of your intention.TIME WITH SPIRIT IS NEVER WASTED. When we share our love we are allowing love to flow to ourselves. Everyone benefits. This is the essence of prayer. Prayer is for us to share with EACH OTHER. Prayer is a vehicle to share our emotions, thoughts and lives with those in Spirit. Prayer and Healing are ways to help another by joining our intentions with the love of God. No need to send our prayers directly to God… God is the SOURCE of our prayers. The Source of Love, The Source of  Healing. Our prayers are directed by Source …powerful are they, indeed…. when we take the time to form them, share them, LIVE them.

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