Spiritual Readings and Sittings…

Traditionally a reading was the term used for a person who sought out a psychic reading and a Sitting used for a session involving connecting to Spirit for the sitter.

A reading (or sitting) is a time in which spirit including loved ones who have already crossed are able to come through, make themselves known with specific evidence about themselves and also bring forth loving and healing messages. This is also called evidential mediumship. Each person who sits with Jenn receives a unique spiritual reading. Spirit’s energy along with the client’s energy guides each reading so that every reading serves the highest purpose possible for the sitter. Each client is asked to come with an open mind and be ready to experience Spirit.  You may choose between 15, 30 and 45 minute readings.

Phone and Skype Readings are available. You may also order a session to be emailed to you or to be audio recorded and sent via email. You may specify if you would like a mediumistic reading or a psychic reading.

Scheduling is available through the SCHEDULING TAB

In-Person sessions are available at Unity in Edinboro in Edinboro, PA, during Psychic Saturdays, as a guest reader when booked at special locations and Fairs (all found in the events tab). All choices are available through the scheduling tab on the top of the page.