Readings and Sittings

Spiritual Readings and Sittings… Traditionally a reading was the term used for a person who sought out a psychic reading and a Sitting used for a session involving connecting to Spirit for the sitter. A reading (or sitting) is a

Demonstrations and Lectures

Jenn Regularly Speaks at Bolts of Love, Unity in Edinboro and The White Butterfly and several other churches and orgainizations. She travels and accepts requests to speak with your group or organization. If you would like to book Jenn for

Groups and Galleries

Group Sessions : Gathering of a group in one place to each receive individual 15 or 30 minute readings. Gallery Readings: Friends, Family or a Group of people come together in one room/location. This is a public demonstration of mediumship


Silver Birch said healing flows “from Spirit, through Spirit, to Spirit”, affecting the spirit need of the recipient, be it mind, body, emotion or spirit. The healing is directed from Spirit through the healing medium to the recipient. The core

Weddings and Funerals

Weddings: Jenn is authorized to solemnize marriages and can also provide wedding blessings services. Both kinds of ceremonies can be traditional or can be tailored to suit the wishes of the couple. The site may be of your choosing or Unity in

Teaching and Classes

There are many classes taught by Jenn and classes sponsored by Bolts of Love on the EVENTS page. Jenn speaks and teaches regularly on topics including: Spiritual Development Psychic Development Mediumistic Development Spiritual, Reiki and QiGong Healing Meditation and QiGong