Who Am I?

Why Am I here?

The expression of soul purpose is within the heart of each incarnate personality. The purpose at the root of everything is to love and to understand love in its rawest form. This is the basis for all healing, all Spiritual Growth and indeed all connection and communication we have that is outside of our humanity. We want so badly to qualify and quantify such experiences. We want to know the exact how to, we want to know that we are on the right path, that we are special, unique, and in control of more information that our fellow human may be. Yet, this is all folly. We all have in our possession absolutely everything that we need. Our soul is the link to our Spiritual Self. Our Spiritual Self is vaster than we can possibly imagine, and it is intricately intertwined and breathes with the fullness of all creation. In a nut shell our perceptions are sadly lacking any type of true prospective within the incarnate realm. Remembering this and remembering that we are all in the same arena of ambiguity helps to realize the importance not only of sharing the present moment, but also making the choices that seem hard for humans. Choosing love and compassion at every turn, not only for ourselves, but for others is the basis of the realization of love and by extension is the basis for understanding what healing really entails.

Healing is the joining of us with all that is. It is accepting our humanity, but also accepting our divine. We may all manifest this healing in many ways. The humanness in us would like to think that if we are doing things correctly that we will have the perfect health, the perfect bank account, the perfect relationships. And we will. The perception of perfect is what is under scrutiny in this scenario. My perfect soul expression is not the same as another’s. One person’s prosperity may be another’s lack and vice versa.

The first and foremost mission for any of us on this journey is to understand that it is a sacred one. It does not matter the vocabulary we are using, the past dogmatic traditions, the traditions we have decided for our-self at this time, or the books we are reading, or even the teachers we listen. Knowing that it is A PERSONAL sacred journey of understanding, sharing, serving and LIVING is paramount.

We adapt ourselves to a life of prayer and meditation and then we remember that the life we are living is the prayer in action. We take the time to offer gratitude, forgiveness and blessings for our actions and experiences. We know that each second, we may offer a different take, perspective and decision on our actions. It is a never-ending process of unfoldment, refinement and the creation of beauty. COLLECTIVE beauty created through the mosaic of INDIVIDUAL beauty.

This is healing. This is the manifestation of Spirit on Earth. This is the calling of ALL humanity. We learn from the progression, the beauty, the perspectives of each other.

Who am I? Manifestation, Child and Co-Creator of and with Divine Intelligence.

Why am I here? To live, to experience, to explore, to serve the fullness of beauty, compassion and love. To choose life through the lens and reflections of the soul.

Soul Purpose
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