Who am I?

It is an interesting question for anyone of us to ask ourselves at any time. Who am I?

The answer usually starts with the words I Am…..

“I AM”

God related to Moses that “I AM THAT I AM”.  I AM

Dr. Wayne Dyer spoke at length on how he found it completely extraordinary that when we put any type of label upon ourselves we use ‘I AM’, which, really allows us to go right back to Source.

Each and every label we allow for ourselves is also a label we allow for the Source of all creation.

How do we view our relationship to Divine? What label to we put on that relationship?

I delivered at church in which I reminded the congregation that God is much larger than the labels. That in the fact that God created everything from Source then each and every bit of nature, including ourselves are a piece of that creation and then by definition have a spark of Spirit that is undeniable in each and every one of us. This understanding outweighs any type of label we can put on Creation, God, Source,… Spirit. There is not one way or one label or one religion or one dogma that can fully allow us, as pieces of creation to become closer to God.

Humans have this creatively unique ability to make things much harder than what they are. Humans try very hard to create steps, to create definite understandings of actions that will allow for the greater understandings of the universe.  We debate and argue with each other on which is the best method. We debate and argue about the types of clothes we wear, the types of language that is used, and the labels we place on ourselves all in an effort to decide which is the more correct way to achieve a relationship with God, the Universe, with Creation.

If there is any correct way at all … if there is any one way that leads to a greater understanding of our own personal place in the world of Spirit … it is simple to allow silence. The crazy thing is, there is even a debate on the words and of the way in which to do this.  And, there is no correct way. It is your way. It is your type of silence. It is in the woods. It is in your home. It is the three minutes you may not be in another’s presence. It is in a parked car. It is before you fall asleep at night. Silence: something that is available and accessible to each and every person on the planet no matter the circumstances of their earthly existence. Silence.

It is in the allowance of silence that we can feel our own bodies. It is in the allowance of silence that we slowly learn to allow the chatter of our brains to move to the background. It is in the silence that we become aware of the whispers of God, the subtleties of the feelings of our heart and how we are ALWAYS connected to Source.  We slowly begin to remember that this planet is a way for humans to serve each other and learn what it is to love and be loved. We feel the unconditional love of God, of all of Spirit and of all our loved ones who have transitioned to Spirit before us. It is in the silence we realize that the traditions we choose, the vocabulary we use, and the labels we put on ourselves will never fully explain the realities that:






These realities … everyone has the option to express, at any time. Those that do express, have the unique opportunity to allow someone else to express simply through feeling and living this reality. Through the allowance of more silence in their own lives, these feelings, this acknowledgement becomes stronger; the internal light and connection grows brighter.  We are here to help ignite the understanding in each other, NOT by expounding that one particular view and name for God is the correct one, but by living the truth that GOD IS LOVE, CREATION IS LOVE and living and exploring how we best honor that within and around ourselves.  …. And allowing ourselves to readjust constantly through the power and the knowledge found within the silence.

Who am I?
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