ALL are ONE and deserve the Right to have Rights. No matter one’s individual stance on individual issues for oneself and one’s family, the Right to have a stance, the Right to follow one’s own conscience. Prayer is Action. Action in not staying silent, Action in organizing and educating, Action in being visible, Action in supporting those affected by ignorance and those enacting ignorant policies, Action in coming together in Peaceful and yet forceful and meaningful ways. We are acting. Please join us and share how we may also join you.

Activism is the doctrine or policy of taking positive action in an effort to make changes in society in the social, political, economic, environmental policies. There are many ways in which to be an activist and be involved in our society. Join this day in which many organizations will be present. Keep coming back to this page to see the updates of those who will be attending and those who will be speaking. Come and find out what organizations are doing and how you may ignite your own activism. READ THE FULL BLOG HERE

This is a chance to understand what we are about and not what we are against. We let go of ill will and move forward into the truth that through positive action we are able to make a difference.

(Logistics: Park on the road or in the parking to the south of the Fire Department)

Confirmed Attendance: (If you are a group that would like to attend please send an email to )

Jenn Shepherd: Courage for a Brave New World
Rianna Czech How Politics and Activism Influence Our Everyday Lives
Erie County United
Celeste Elliott The Empowered Woman
Mary Desmone: Erie Bail Fund Project
Lydia Laythe Our Erie Podcast
Stephanie Thauer of Raintree Farms and Livia Homerski Utility Scale Solar and Agriculture
Cole Shenely: Healing Community with a Conscious Economic Policy
UUCM Meadville
Lynn Johnson (drum circle facilitator and social justice activist) Amerimasala