It is important for the people of the world to understand exactly how much you all mean to the Universe. You are the sensations, the ever moving light. You are the part of creation that strives to understand the aspects of reality not all energy will understand or know. You are the ones willing to make mistakes and you are the ones who learn how to love and forgive despite the separation from Source enveloped in your humanity.
You were never meant to believe that you are all alone in the Universe. You have more hope, love and help than you ever understand or imagine. Once humanity understood how to sit among the trees and listen. Once humanity understood that within the whispers of the wind there were thoughts of love and wisdom. The need for survival in this human form and the sheer amount of souls wishing to experience life on a world of varying sensations has led to a great number of distractions and a muffling of the whispers reminding you of the love that is there for you at every turn. Each and everything created in Nature is from the Divine; The Universe, the stars and you. Remember the difference between what God has created and what you have created through your own sense of power and strength of will. You are mighty creatures. You are incredibly loved. Loved so much that you are allowed to make your own decisions based on the false realities you create for yourselves. You are loved so much that God does not interfere in your point of view even when you hurt yourselves and the world around you. There are some that listen, and sometimes those are the ones that even though they speak for the Creator, they are either not taken seriously or they are shunned, or they become so well known in their craft some forget why they are speaking and succumb to the pleasures afforded them.
This is nothing to despair, you are never alone. You are never left to just defend for yourselves. The energy of the universe is filled with all the possibilities that one may need and many, many more. God is the Ultimate source of grace, understanding, wisdom and Love. God’s helpers come in many forms, both from the Spirit realms and in the form of humanity. Be strong enough to open your eyes and ears. Be strong enough to go against the tide of false assumptions, be strong enough to not fear a world whereby you are able to be happy and feel love despite the injustices. Be strong to be the force that changes your little corner of humanity, for it only takes one pebble to start an avalanche. One pebble speaking truth, living in a way that brings out self-awareness allows for others to do the same. It is through changing and loving ourselves that the planet is changed. It is by carrying out the best possible version of ourselves, by ministering to those in our immediate circles and those we feel drawn, it is by speaking, walking and sharing our own truth in whatever way is comfortable to us that will allow for the reassurance in all peoples that awe are indeed equal in the universe. There is not one of us more loved or treasured than the other. There are just some that realize the love more than others. We solve nothing through argument. We gain nothing by allowing ourselves to think our perspective on every little thing is better than another’s. We all see through the eyes of humanity. We will all need to learn how our perceptions really fit into God’s reality when we journey Home. We will all have the opportunity to continue to heal, grow, love and serve from the other side of life.
For now, we concentrate on NOW. Who we are now, why we are NOW and the place we are living NOW. How we are in our relationships, how and what do our relationships tell us about ourselves? Each and every second of each and every day is a gift placed before us to help us remember that we are indeed a piece of the eternal breath of life. God is everywhere we are because we are there. God is in the air, the trees, the grass, and the materials that created our homes, gadgets and yes, even our thoughts. Do we choose to be aware? Do we choose to take a few moments each and every day in gratitude for such a gift to understand the creator from our human perspective? To be able to share with each other God’s love through words, deeds and shining as brightly as we possibly can.
This does not mean to say that we will not have moments of question in our lives or that we may not have what we label as negative emotions. But the ability to recognize the emotions, the feeling for what they are…. A moment of time, a chance to experience, a chance to learn something new…may just put these feeling and emotions into perspective. We all have the ability to have emotions….yet, we do not have to allow the emotions to rule our world. We can learn from them, work through them and allow for our own healing. We then understand a little bit better how someone else may see or feel the world under certain similar situations and in this way humanity builds compassion for fellow souls and a realization that every person around us is filled with the Creators light. We learn how to love the soul; we learn how to recognize God in everything. We learn how to pray and heal not only ourselves, but others, just by allowing for the light and love to be recognized. Be fearless, be brave…BE the Divine Source you are.

Be the Divine Source You Are
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