“Do not discount the little things — the everyday things. Don’t discount the still whispers deep in your heart guiding, pushing, comforting, and even pushing us out of boundaries that we unwittingly constructed for ourselves.” The blog that this quote is from is a few years old, but the message of appreciation is never ending. The everyday things are all we have, ever. I have a shed full of items that have haven’t really been touched since my husband passed, almost 10 years ago. There are also items in my house that really do not need to be here, because of a perceived attachment that really isn’t there. It is the every day things that get held in our hearts, and in our memories.

After the slow down of COVID and the move to having my office in the living room I recognize more and more how much stuff is in my place that is not needed. How all that stuff is detracting from the enjoyment of the little things, the new memories, the ability to relax and have space in a small house. I find I am even more grateful for the tiny little place that I do have. At one point it held 6 of us, and now with three it feels more cluttered than it did with 6.

The shift to totally recognizing the little things as the most important. The memories and interactions throughout the day. This summer some of my favorite moments with the boys was looking up at the stars, or being called outside because the sky was a neat color after a storm. It was watching my son haul in 20 zucchinis from his garden and enjoying Sandman together and watching them turn sticks into light sabers and skipping rocks. It is listening to my son interact with others through the video game console. It is getting back into taking photos, and editing and storing them to record little memories, and little things. Little thing that were sometimes getting lost in the distraction of a wilderness of clutter.

I pushed my boundaries and asked for help in getting my house back in order, and in repurposing or throwing out what is not necessary to keep. Decluttering and cleaning helps me recognize the simple things.

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Decluttering the Little Things