During the past 18 months I have led online discussions all centered around Self Cultivation and Self Empowerment. I am often reminded of the axiom that we teach what we need to know. Within the teaching there is also self exploration, and in the realm of online discussions, it is possible to hear many people’s view points and even enhance my own awareness through another’s perspective.

I recently led a discussion on the ways in which we connect to Spirit. The query from an attendee pondered the ways in which we connect and know we are blended with Spirit. The theory that we need some type of middle ground to make the connection caused quite the response from me. I wonder sometimes why my responses are stronger than others. It happens rarely, but when it does it takes me by surprise. I find an emotion in the response, and an authority of tone I normally hold in check when dealing with classes and a full range of perspectives.

The theory posed conveyed that another teacher had suggested that a guide was needed in order for one to have a full connection with Spirit. The concept of Guides, Helpers, Angels, Masters, Light Beings, and loved ones in Spirit able to help us and our earthly journeys is a valid one, it is a dangerous assumption to believe that we are not able to connect to the true realities of Divine Intelligence without an intervention or an intermediate. We want so badly as humans to have a fullness of explanation for everything. We want to know the rules, and the steps and the complete proverbial LEGO instructions along with all the LEGO pieces categorized in little baggies so there is absolutely no guess work, or mistakes. YET we came here for a much richer experience. One full of finding LEGO pieces behind the couch and in the dirt, and within the oceans and behind each other’s ears. The experience we are building is completely unique and beautiful. The helpers and the guides and the angles would never in a million years deprive us of such wonderful experiences or exploration. What they will do is cheer us on, point ways for the most unique pieces, and even help us design the ones that are most useful to us as we go. Our connection to the Divine is the same as theirs. We are all in the Ocean of the Universe together. We learn from each other. We feel the intelligence, the love and the companionship and those residing in Spirit relish in our discoveries, and cheer when we are of service to each other and experience the ever flowing river of compassion that ties all of us together. We are truly the Universe made Manifest. The quality of our awareness is the mission. The quality of the service, the realization of compassion, and the utmost willingness to understand that we are a Divine Presence on this planet. We are the eyes and ears of Spirit and given that we are never without our own very unique Divine Connection.

I am reminded of the wisest of teachers who within the wisdom of the teachings also have the wisdom of patience, and the understanding that experience is the greatest teacher. There are never any wrong turns. Our Guides know this. Our Guides learn as we learn and support as we need supported. Their experience and perspective are different than ours and we learn from each other, as we both teach and learn from the Universe.

In final contemplation, my reaction came from the need to not let people feel less. We find ways to subject ourselves to lesser roles within creation. Throughout history we have believed that others have more knowledge, or more connection, or understand the workings of Spirit more than we do. We start to believe that we need to do A, B and then C in that order in order to gain favor, enlightenment or good karma. Consider that your role as human is an incredible opportunity. Not all individualized consciousness within the Spirit World receive an opportunity for an incarnate existence. Not all want an incarnate existence. To experience the human capacity for love, compassion and peace is not an easy walk, and yet you are here. You ARE the Light of Creation. Be empowered by that reality, and breathe that connection. This is what we need to be of service not only to others but to our own soul. The willingness to breathe, and to be.

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