I just had this conversation with my 13 year old. The idea that everything is always this or that instead of being grateful for what it is in this moment is a constant challenge. I needed to get something fixed on an account yesterday, and it took three phone calls and an online chat with a customer service representative. All because there was one number out of place. IN the middle of me trying to get it fixed, the clock was ticking on when I needed to leave to be at a wedding rehearsal for a wedding I am officiating today and my 13 year old kept talking, and talking and asking questions and complaining about …. well, everything. I was incredibly irritated by the whole thing, right in the middle I realized I was irritated. I also realized that my son was actually trying to convey he really needed some attention and some help with a project and it was hard to hear that over my own irritation. The little thing I was grateful for? Recognition. Recognizing all of that helped me not only take a breath and just handle the situation but also carve out some time to let my son know he is allowed to ask for help out right and that it is always possible for me to schedule time to do that.

Right on cue of this conversation his 30 year old brother called with an ask for help with a project he was doing. He lives a 3+ hour drive away so we handled it all on the computer and over the phone. My 13 year old was in the room the entire time. I was able to say that it works the same way with him, he just needs to ask. I honestly just don’t know help is needed otherwise. Even the irritating experiences can offer a space for gratitude.

“There are so many things that happen in our daily lives … clues to who we really are, clues to whom we need to be. How often do those little things get by us? The notice of a colorful sunset, the simple “good morning” and “hello” of friends. How often do we remember to be thankful for each and every little thing?” Quote from the blog post: jennshepherdmedium.com/connections-and-thanks/

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