It is so very easy to complain. About anything. Complaining is a form of victimhood. Sure it is alright to say when one isnt pleased with something or to be crabby once in a while. What creates poverty is the neverending woesome rhetoric that spews from fellow humans and accounts on social media. Name calling and finger pointing when soemthing does not go our way has become all too commonplace.

What are you grateful for. What in your world are you able to say “Thank you!” and then find more of that. The thank you ripples do more to change the attitudes and the energies and the movement of EVERYTHING around us. Then there are more things to be thanksful for. Other see what it is you are pointing out that is good and deserving of positive recognition.

Try it, each time you would like to complain about somehting in the next 48 hours, change to something you are grateful for in its place.

For example: COMPAINING: It is so cold outside. I hate it when it is cold.
GRATITUDE: I am grateful I have a sweater and shoes and a house with heat.

Gratitude is riches