Jenn Shepherd graduated from Penn State, Behrend with a B.A. in History which included a strong emphasis on religious studies and the history of religions. Jenn also completed ministry studies at Mercyhurst College and earned a secondary teacher certification from the same college. Jenn is the mother of four children ( four boys ranging in age from 29 – 13 years old), and a certified teacher (she taught 7th and 8th graders in the areas of science and history for 10 years). 
Over the course of many years Jenn trained in QiGong, Spiritual Healing and Reiki and earned certifications to teach and practice each with others. She is an ordained Spiritualist Minister, the Spiritual Leader of Unity in Edinboro, co-founder of Bolts of Love and a recognized Spiritualist trained medium and healer.

Join Jenn both live and in person on Sundays for Community Celebration with Unity in Edinboro and Wednesdays for Special Programming at Unity in Edinboro and Second and Fourth Thursdays at the Bolts of Love gathering at The Hippie Place

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