Collectively, “We” are on a journey. “I” interact with “You” to understand that “We” are the “ONE” playing out the realities of unconditional love.  There are many perspectives bantered, visualized, witnessed, expressed and understood between the “I” and “You”.  The perspectives relate to the perceived past and the interpreted future. Perspectives run wild over the depth and breath of the incarnate experience. The truth of experience ONLY lies in the MOMENT. It is this realization that puts all puzzle pieces into place. It starts to refocus the past and the future into constructs from which “I”, “You” and “We” may find that we are more similar than our humanness precipitates. The folly of mine is better than yours fades away to a conversation of the experiences within the constructs. “We” recognize ourselves as a unique aspect of Spirit delving into experiences it would not otherwise have without the individualization of perceptions. Each individualization having choices, the ability to process and learn, the ability to bring the realities of Spirit to a world which often forgets its origin and creation from love and beauty. Each “I” has the opportunity to refine awareness, interpretation, and polish the intent of actions. Each “I” awakens to this call and chooses to become present with all experiences, all experiences. Experiences which seem prickly, less, and unwanted such as the emotions of anger, embarrassment and frustration redefine their incarnate makeup to process experiences in gratitude and understanding. The “I” has the ability to interact with “You” with full presence of experience. This presence brings forth the love of the creator, for it is only available in the Presence. The interactions between “I” and “You” spread to the “We” effectively allowing the spark of presence to be felt within an incarnate existence. Each “I” will choose how to refine, work with, improve the perception of the experience. It does not serve the “We” to judge the processes within “You” or “I”. “We” are only able to help each other heal the aspects of perception, the experience to recognize the “I’s” make up the “We” and by extension full presence within the “One”.

I, You and We within ONE