Newsletters, and marketing are the bane of my existence. It is a necessary evil to be sure you all know what is up, and what is available and also that I haven’t fallen off the planet. I also have the unique opportunity to work through a group Karen McGrath and Erin Stolz lent their energies behind to get rolling 8 years ago now (Bolts of Love) and the Spiritual Center Unity in Edinboro. So, that means two web pages and two separate groups of emails and all the things. I have been fortunate as of late to have someone start to help out in that area, but I find that it is necessary to keep trying new things to be sure you all know what is available. Here is a try. A PDF download. If all goes well it will be below and you will be able to not only view but also download or print as desired. As always please click events at Unity in Edinboro or click classes and programs on this page to go to extra information. Scheduling me/Jenn directly you click HERE. The only thing that did not end up on this PDF trial run is Mike Tamburo Sound Meditation evening. This is in November and tickets are available on the Unity in Edinboro web pages. Thanks all! I am looking forward to connecting with you all soon.

It’s a Downloadable Newsletter