It is almost 1:00pm .. which means in this house with pre-schoolers, it is nap time.

We have had a completely and totally lazy day.

My older two had a swim meet to leave for at 8 this morning. One coaching and the other swimming. Since the weather is nice I had almost considered going to the meet today — it is an hour car ride away….and I actually fell back asleep after Lloyd left this morning.

I do not think Cian and Galen were up to doing much either. They did not even want to get dressed this morning and after doing nothing, I put in Fantasia when it was time for a nap and Galen, the 5 year old who tells me he is too old for naps, was the first to sleep curled up in one of his Daddy’s old blankets on the living room floor.

I guess there is something to be said for days that you do not do much. It gives the body a chance to just rejuvenate from a busy week … obviously I was not the only one feeling the need to do nothing.

My first reaction was to feel really guilty that I had not bundled them up and drug them out for an adventure someplace – or a hike or walk. Why is that? Why is it we feel like if we are doing nothing but reading or chilling we really are not using our time wisely? Or that the people are lazy. When did that become part of our culture? There was a time when the whole of western civilization seemed to agree that there would be one day each and every week where it was almost required to do nothing, now I almost allowed myself to feel guilty because this is a very “nothing day”.

Or is it?

Reading, coloring with the kids, watching movies, just being together … that is doing something… isn’t it? I think our bodies need a break sometimes, and our minds as well. This is the first full week the kids have been back in daycare/school since June. I think they are definitely feeling the transition to me working more again. Transitions are hard, and they sure have had their fill of them lately.

I have a friend that is often able to take on adventures on the fly. His children are old enough, that the evenings and weekend always seem to be one rather large adventure of diving into all the world has to offer. I often envy that ability, I often wait for the stories for the adventures and happenings. Michael and Lloyd are at the age now where I could be able to have my own type of adventures … but the little ones are still very little. In a year or two nap times will be over and it may be possible for us to make some of those types of adventures into our own — but, as much as I am envious sometimes, I don’t think I would trade these lazy days listening to Fantasia and watching them sleep wonderful musical dreams .. it is an experience that will never happen again.

Dream big, plan and know everything you really want is possible. NEVER wish away what you can experience today.

Lazy Day
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