1. Keys to the Universe Program:

  • Keys to the Universe Retreat Weekend Covering Inspirational Speaking and Writing, Platform Mediumship, Spiritual Healing Privately and Publicly, Ministry in a Church and Secular setting
  • June 12-15, 2020 at Unity in Edinboro
    Register by emailing intent to BOLSpiritualOasis@gmail.com with intent to register and an invoice will be sent to you for the weekend. ($100 deposit needed to hold reservation. Remainder due by May 5, 2020
  • For those interested in a full 24 month program outline please click HERE

2. Mentorship choose 6 or 12 months. uitable for anyone Deepening their own personal connection to Spirit Healers, Mediums and Explorers

It is necessary to take an integrated approach to Spiritual Development. It is wise to understand and acknowledge that the talent base of each of us is different but the ability to grow the connection for that talent is the same. In support of each other through programs such as this the whole grows as much as we as individual lights expand.  6 month program
Program includes:

6 Pre-Recorded Messages/Teachings – Released once a month on the first of the month -(Only available to those who are participating in the program)

6 Group Live (and recorded) Meditations and group discussions – Will Usually Fall half way through the Month to allow time for everyone to watch the pre-recorded lesson/message. Schedule will be posted in advance.  -Participation with Guest Speaker and contributor Celeste Elliott (registered Lily Dale Medium) on some of these sessions

6 Mediumship Development Practice Circles and 6 Absent/Group Healing Circles also only available to those participating in this program

6 Personal (one on one sessions) to go over specifics in personal development (specific to your personal journey and goals – i.e mediumship, healing, deepening personal awareness (each student will have access to a scheduling link to schedule this session each month out of time options posted)

Access to audio, video and written resources for study. Each participant will receive a questionnaire on personal goals, qualities, experience, etc so that the program will address specific as well as general needs. Students will have the option to exchange information with fellow students for one on one practice and support.

3. Mediumship Building Blocks Program: It is not enough to be aware, to understand that there is more. One does not learn to solve algebraic equations before learning numbers, decimals, adding and subtracting and yet many practice mediumship without becoming familiar with the basics. Whether a “beginner” or an “intermediate” it is never too late to form a more solid foundation of knowledge.

Broken into 3 three-week segments – Each week’s lesson is laid out with extra materials for blending, meditation, sitting in the power. Those completing this course may apply for the mentorship program.

Part 1: The Who, What and Why. Necessary Vocabulary, philosophical foundations, as well as exercises for connection to self, Healing, Guides, Guardians, Helpers and all of Spirit.

Part 2: Your Psychic Self, Psychic tools and techniques, the importance of energy, auras, color and healing.

Part 3: Your Mediumistic Self, The Medium’s Tool Box, The Challenge and Importance of Evidence, structuring a contact, Building/participating in a circle, Practicing specific types of evidence.

Healing is a journey of self discovery as well as developing an intimate relationship with self and Spirit to facilitate the conditions appropriate for healing of self and others.

Reiki and Spiritual Healing training available in June. Course materials available online and in person. Those that would like to practice and experience in person will meet after healing service (which starts at 7pm) on Wednesdays. Students will be encouraged to practice what is being taught to participate as healers during healing services.

Those who would like to complete all three levels through the one year program will retain access to all the online materials. Full year also includes one private session with Jenn per month either via video or in person at Unity in Edinboro for your own personal development.

More information on the course at boltsoflove.com

12 week program
Full year mentorship program and all three levels certification. Those completing the 12 week program may choose to subtract the 12 week fee from the year mentorship.
Payment plans and scholarships available by emailing boltsoflove@gmail.com

Healing (Spiritual/Reiki/Integration) – Year Program

Level 1, 2 and 3 covered throughout the year.

One may start Course Work at the beginning of any month.

Those completing course work will earn certifications in Reiki 1, 2 and 3 as well as Bolts of Love Spiritual Healing training recognition.

Becoming a Healer takes commitment in one’s own healing and spiritual journey. This course seeks to support you on that journey as well as bringing out the uniqueness of your own healing to fully help those around you.
Those participating will receive information on:

Energy Awareness of Self and Others
Chakra Systems
Personal Spiritual and Energy Practices
Absent and Distance Healing
One on One Healing
Reiki Principles/Spiritualist and Integral Principles
History and Philosophy of both Reiki and Spiritual Healing
Use of Tools and Symbols
Attunement and Meditations
Blending modalities and prior practice and studies
Creating an Integrated Approach
Assess to a digital data base of healing and spiritual books and audio files.

This course includes pre-recorded and live classes with Jenn. Includes original meditations, activities and blending for healing awareness. Includes One 30 Minute private session per month with Jenn. Includes approaches and skills to work with others. This class also includes an abundance of materials. Those wishing to complete Reiki 1-3 will be able to do so by completing course work to earn certifications for levels 1-3. Those wishing may also complete coursework to receive verification of Spiritual Healing at the end of the year.

Course work will include keeping a journal and completing so many hours of practice in self, absent, distant and individual healing sessions.

Please send email to boltsoflove@gmail.com with your need/request.
Course guide: Rev. Jenn Shepherd http://jennshepherd.com