Responsibility within Perspectives
Jenn Shepherd 10.17.19

Human beings have a unique experience in the universe in that the broader perspective offered from Source is not present from a human perspective. I understand that is part of the joy of the human experience and a frustration. This lack of an over reaching perspective means we often do not see or understand how the energy flows through the Universe. We don’t immediately recognize that the air patterns that move from Africa to the Amazon actually bring rich nutrients from one continent to the next. There are only a handful of us who have been able to witness with their own eyes the view of the Earth from above its atmosphere, hovering like a little blue dot in a sea of black.  It is hard to understand what we are not aware. It is hard to create a line of reasoning in areas where we have little firsthand experience. Books, movies, blogs, the news and even the interjection of social media help in gaining a wider perspective than what we may have available in our daily routines.

I earned my first degree in history. In that study there was a lot of concentration on the conflicts that happened throughout recorded earthly time. I also chose to study the perspectives of religions around the globe. I often wondered and postulated in writings what would happen if people sat down to have an actual conversation and really explored perspectives instead of drawing lines in the sand on which viewpoint/dogma/tradition was correct .. or incorrect. I wondered if there would have been so much conflict.

There is a line of thought that suggests that conflict does blaze the way for improvement and introspection. As an alternative to this thought, after World War One Woodrow Wilson drew up 14 points for a League of Nations to convey the notion that given the opportunity people would choose to try and understand how it is to stand in shoes that are not theirs. He was in a tradition of Americans that believed in the power of conversation and healthy debate. In the months of May until September 1797 the Philadelphia Convention took place. This convention hammered out the details of the United States Constitution. I have always found it wise on the part of the United States Founders to lock themselves away during this time. There was no press, there was no going to the newspapers to report what had happened during the discussion that day. There are records of the men being in total disagreement and taking the evening to consider and reflect on what was said the day before to come back and offer compromises and fresh understandings of viewpoints the next day. They worked out the details of their frustration in their journals, in speaking with others in the ‘down’ times and they discuss and discuss again for four months before presenting the Constitution to a new nation. 

Reflection is a tool that has often been lost in the advent of social media. Journaling and discussion with a confidant is necessary. Without it our words (especially on social media) can create a stream of consciousness and defense of one’s original statement to the detriment of both self and others. It is hard to create pathways to honor other perspectives and even blend the perspectives of others into a new understanding for self when one has barricaded him/herself within a wall of absolutes.

In the infinite wisdom of the Creator life and the universe have a grand array of perspectives, blessings, and opportunities. There are roughly 4,200 religions on this planet. That is 4,200 perspectives on how we relate to the world, to the universe and to Creation. Much like the perspectives of the political world, the perspectives of the religious world can become incredibly misunderstood, even by those who are walking a similar labeled pathway. Each of us are gifted with free will allowing an individual faith perspective within the religious perspective. There are many that follow their ‘soul’ or their ’heart’ or a ‘moral code’ than any one doctrine or creed. The challenge within conversation, debate, research and practice for us is to allow the feeling within the perspective to be paramount. I let the people I work with, and my own children know that if they are not hurting another person or themselves on purpose (name calling included) their perspective and choices are valid, but the same needs to be true for everyone else. We cannot force opinions or actions on another that we feel is appropriate, and we need not bash someone else for doing what they deem necessary. The challenge is to live in such a way, to converse in such a way and allow the feelings of Compassion and Caring the flow from us in such a way that we all build up each other.  I take que from Dr. Martin Luther King and Mother Teresa in this area. Both were great examples of activism, and speech, about the topic at hand: compassion for another human being, without ever bashing an individual. The challenge to those holding a broader perspective is to hold that space of love and the flow of Spirit’s understanding and peace to all. We have the ability to change “agree to disagree” from the standpoint of “believe what you want, I know I am right” to “there is truth within each perspective and I am willing to offer reflection on which parts I may be able to blend into my own”.

It is possible to serve our own unique viewpoints and to engage with humanity to bring all of us to the understanding of a higher moral and loving perspective. In 1790 there was a delegation of Quakers, which included Benjamin Franklin, who petitioned Congress to end the import of slaves. They were among the first to publicly come out against slavery and the slave trade. As a community the Quakers believed that God was in each person and as such could not be subjected to this type of treatment. This perspective was not received well by everyone. There was even debate, which we may not even understand today, that slaves were not even people. It took a long time and the continual discussion (and unfortunately a war) before this debate was solved. The broader perspective today is the understanding today that there is a moral obligation to ALL of Creation.

The perspectives of humanity over time has changed, it must or there is no growth in technology, community, or individual soul. We are both physical and ethereal.  From either the ego or soul perspectives we are Creations of Love, Compassion, Peace, Caring and Understanding. We enjoy the gift of free will to chose how we recognize and share that with which we are created. Reflection is necessary to choose wisely. Growth is necessary to allow choices to change over time with experience and reflection.

Responsibility Within Perspective