Self Care is a hot topic. But what is it, really? Put simply it is balance. How we achieve that balance is different for everyone. I had the opportunity last night to hear some ways in which other healers/counselors/coaches/instructors are handling their self care. It ranged from having a routine of breathing/meditation/yoga, to napping in the middle of the day, to setting boundaries for oneself, to eating what the body needs.

My self care revolves around scheduling. I have an automated scheduling program to help with reminders and with clients being able to choose a time that is already marked off as client time. I schedule time for volunteering, for speaking commitments, for classes I teach and classes I take, I schedule time for sitting in the presence and I schedule time to be present at my boys activities. I even schedule time in to have fun. I no longer deny myself outings because of cost or because of time. I schedule the time. Almost always my boys are my companions/date.

This newsletter was completed by someone else except for this part because today had been clocked off for date day with my boys. The weather man said it was going to rain so we headed to the movie theater and to one of our favorite shopping centers where we each got a treat for the evening meal before they head to marching band practice and I get some work done. I wish someone would have spoken to me about self-care being balance when my boys were babies, or when I was working as a classroom teacher, or when I was care-taker for my husband and household while he dealt with cancer. It isn’t about making sure there is time for a bubble bath (although that it is important), it is about making time for all parts of oneself. That the whole of the soul has a chance to shine its talents (even when one like mother to babies, or caretaker for a sick family member takes top billing)

My boys (both adult and teen) will always be scheduled into my calendar. I wouldn’t miss being part of their world for anything. They get a better version of me when I make sure myself is also scheduled into the calendar. Healing is always part of the time for me. There are many opportunities the next couple of months for you to explore what types of energy, sound, situational and spiritual healing feel best for you. I look forward to sharing self-care with you all.