Modern Spiritualism’s roots overlap that of the New Thought movement. This movement along with Spiritualism emphasizes the Oneness of all things. This is not a Oneness in that everyone needs to be the same. It is a Oneness born from the uniqueness of the diversity within Creation. Each person, each individual breathing air at any given time on the planet has talents all their own. These talents help in sharing an awareness of creation, effectively offering perspectives on the way the Universe is viewing all things. We are all unique parts of an interdependent Whole.  

Spiritualists, along with many New Thought groups also understand that our nature and uniqueness does not end with a physical death. We remain connected and interconnected as non-physical consciousness: as souls.

Spiritualists separate themselves from the rest of New Thought in claiming mediumship and spiritual healing as the connection between the physical and the non-physical. It is the mechanism with which the soul within the physical (a breathing human) can connect and realize their connection to the All that is, the Witness, the Divine, the Universe. This Universe encompasses both the individual perspectives of the One and the One as the Wholeness, as Creator.

This connection, this realization leads to a non fear of physical death. There is none to fear given that consciousness survives. The experience of the consciousness may be different, but it is still you, it is still the soul that breathed air on earth.

Personal responsibility is also high on the teachings within Spiritualism. The duty to grow, to educate, to expand awareness. The understanding that we create our own understanding on how much we choose to be educated, to expand our perspectives and how much we are willing to recognize our connectedness within all Creation.

Spiritualists do a really good job of understanding that life goes on after death. Where Spiritualism can go further is in the realm of personal responsibility and recognizing that within the Oneness what we do and often what we do not have a direct correlation on that web of life.

Our unique talents are best used when we are in service to each other. Staying in one’s own lane when it comes to issues of diversity, social justice, promoting compassion, respect, and opportunities for everyone, being involved in community, and caring for the environment is a disservice to our connection to all things. In knowing that there is no death, we open ourselves up to expressing our talents to the fullest during our human experience.

I hear so often that people are ‘in the closet’ with their Spiritualism. A friend of mine recently pointed out that Spiritualism has become slang for ‘those people that talk to the dead’.  Spiritualism is so much more.

It is the understanding that in the natural connection we all have to Creation we are It’s hands and feet and eyes and ears in the here and the now. Our practice in the individual connection to Spirit only grows when we practice with others. This doesn’t mean connecting to the non-physical for those around you in the grocery line. It does mean allowing that spark of Divine fully express within you while with others.

There are many of us that are involved in food banks, recycling programs, fund drives, grief support groups, hospice, and many, many other programs that touch our hearts. I want to hear those stories. I want to hear the stories of how individual Spiritualist memberships are getting together in the aid of others.

I hear about all kind of workshops, about all kind of mediumship demonstrations. I am not hearing about the social activism, about the sharing of Creation through being a nitty-gritty part of Creation.

Two of my talents are research and teaching. It is in organizing people that know more than me on any topic to share with others.

I had a dream a couple of weeks back in which I was high on a skyscraper building. I was on the roof, and I was trapped. Underneath me were floors and floors of the research I had done; of the work I had done on myself. All the forgiveness practices, all the reflection, all the grief work, all the books … so, so many books. All the schooling. Everything. There was a ladder, to another section of even higher roof with the names of the courses I am presently taking and the names of all the social issues that have been tugging at my heart. There was a conversation bubble, like the ones on the cartoon strips. It said what I had recently heard in a zoom meeting with other Spiritualist Women. (This is paraphrased) “Where were the Spiritualist during the George Floyd debates? I waited to have my community issue a statement, so I knew they cared, and there was none.” There were other skyscrapers, with other conversation bubbles I couldn’t read. There were many in a landscape in which towns, villages, cities full of people were milling around, living life the best they could, while myself and so many others were stuck on the roofs of their personal skyscrapers, all with conversational bubbles urging them to do more.

How are we helping each other do more? How are we helping each other be a part of the ONE?

Then I heard these words deep within me: Activate Your Activism.

In the days after that dream, an event has been scheduled. There are people willing to share on sustainable energy, diversity, local agriculture, how to be involved in policies and how government in my geographic area works. I have been researching the pregnancy termination issue and the ramifications of the recent ruling on Roe v. wade and researching the history of civil and black rights.

My hope is that people come to learn more, educate themselves and become involved in the issues that spark their nature.

My hope is those that claim the title Spiritualist get off their mediumistic butts and explore the principles of being part of the world NOW, the interconnectedness of ALL things and that personal responsibility includes sharing talents and uplifting the living. To work collaboratively with other organizations and other people’s and to provide training not only for mediumship and healing but for those who are called towards spiritual social action. We need to encourage those to not be afraid to use their spiritualism and to be involved in social and environmental action. We need to support ACTIONS that inspire and support world peace. We need to not be afraid to be involved with humanity. We are all unique parts of an interdependent WHOLE.

Spiritualism in Action