Hello Dear,

Been quite the time lately.

The kids have been really, really busy. That keeps me really, really busy.

I also took a little break from reality. My friend Mary and I took off and went to see a Bon Jovi Concert. We splurged the entire time. Cheesecake factory, hotel within walking distance of the concert, and floor seats to the concert itself. We even took our time coming home and stopped for a long conversation breakfast.

I needed to play for a little bit. Seems like it has been run, run, run lately and I am not sure I am getting anything accomplished some days or am more akin to a hamster on a wheel.

The largest piece of news, however, would be that the first class at the new studio finally happened. The place is still a work in progress, and I am sure it will continue to morph over time … but it was really, really nice to get the first class underway. I had my first official, not my own child, pre-school student in attendance tonight. Was really awesome! The energy is usually pretty amazing during class, but to have a little person so vibrant about what we were doing made it even more amazing.

Now that the first class jitters are out of the way, I will be taking the little ones with me to this class session as well. They are always crying that they do not want me to work, especially at night. In fact, last week I was told by them that the only “work” they wanted me to do at all was at church. They figured that when I go and serve as healer, or deliver a sermon (like I will be for Easter Sunday) that it is acceptable “work”.

The kids do help me keep priorities in order. I know they keep me on task in terms of decent food in the house, and keeping up on chores and even the drive to get to work on time in the morning when I work as a disabled person’s attendant. They keep me grounded in the reality that is now. I know I probably would have “run away” for a while if it were not for the children.

They are all incredible. All four of them. The big boys are actually going with their mother on a trip two hours from home so that their mother can be the big goober science fiction fan she is and see the special fan showing of the new Star Trek movie on a 3D IMAX screen a whole day before the official opening day. Really feel blessed that my children even want to spend that much time with me let alone indulge their mother in something that she has been doing since …well, for a very long time.

The little ones … they are still little ones. They still need lots and lots of attention. But they really, really are so very smart and attentive. I have been trying to find ways to take them more and more places for experiences without being overloaded. Tomorrow we are traveling to see the GM Jazz and big brother Lloyd perform in a Jazz festival south of here.

Saturday they will watch their mother do her first race at the Edinboro Maple Fest run. Inaugural test of the gym training and the trial run for the big 5K in May. AND Saturday evening is the  Annual St. Pat’s day party. Lots and Lots. They seem to be really looking forward to everything. I guess they really like to keep as busy as their mother likes to be busy. It is nice that we all can be busy together sometimes.

Remembering down time — and taking a break from the wheel. I think they remind me of that as well. Since two of the four boys are little, early bed times for them and schedules and such are still a must, which makes sure I am at home when I probably would not be otherwise. Also gives me some quiet times to be sure prayer and meditation and study are still in the mix. Necessities … especially if the kids think the only worthwhile “work” I should do is at church. 🙂

I also have some really good friends that make sure I take a break and go to lunch once in a while. Ones that remind me to not be so hard on myself. And others that go on concert going trips from reality.

I think that pretty much gets you caught up 🙂

Taking one day at a time.
Love, Jenn

Taking a Break from the Wheel