There are many classes taught by Jenn and classes sponsored by Bolts of Love on the EVENTS page.

Check out Unity in Edinboro for opportunities

Receive Recordings of healing and mediumship lectures/mini classes, meditations, QiGong, Self Empowerment, and free readings by becoming a Patron. CLICK HERE to find out more and register.


5 spots available 

Personal Growth and Discovery through Reading, Videos, Practices, Circles, Group Time and Individual Time. Topics and Practice of Healing, Mediumship and Inspiration through the soul included. 

Those participating will be asked to join Patreon at $10 per month to receive all the private videos and practices available on that platform.

Participants will have
* Access to a private cloud file folder with information, videos, audios
* Two Group Classes per month which will include circle exercises (Which will be scheduled two Thursdays a month at 7PM Eastern)
* One Personal Session per month (which will be made as a permenant time each month) so that personal concernes and questions may be addressed.
* New Material 2x a month to review and practice on the off class weeks.

Cost: $70 per month as a reoccuring PayPal payment (or Venmo) plus Patreon Membership or One time payment of $750 plus Patreon Membership

To apply for the program please send an email to with your name, experience and why you would like to join this program.  Emails Must be received by Feburary 26th. Personal interviews will be set up after receiving email. Those participating will receive all zoom information by March 14th.