Often in this blog I have made mention the link between emotional and life overstress on your body and how it can lead to disease. I have made mention that things like Reiki and QiQong and taking care of yourself first will lesson these situations on your own body. 

I have mentioned that even though I was and am practicing these things that I still gained a lot of stress weight while Dean was sick. Weight, thankfully, I have started taking off now. 

I have mentioned that I finally went and got contacts again and that overall I have been doing pretty well. I firmly believe that I would be a lot worse physically and emotionally if it were not for practicing self healing exercises and meditation and a huge amount of prayer. I have learned how to start listening to my body .. but I am not perfect.

Well, as things often do when you need to take care of something, I have had a nagging feeling in the back of my head about getting my teeth cleaned and take one more step in taking care of myself and the children. Lloyd reminded me that it was way past time for him to see the dentist and the little ones have never been, so I made an appointment for myself to get the ball rolling and to be sure I liked the dentist I would take the children.

Other than knowing I needed to get us back on track and requesting a cleaning — well, I had no idea what I would be in store for today. — A very, very, very terrible review. 

Many, many problems — some stemming from old work that I had managed to stress clench my jaw right into breaking and others just, well .. I have no idea. 

I took some time to look up the link between Teeth and Stress and found the two items below.      

1. Tooth Decay: Dental decay and cavities are the result of taking life way too seriously. It depicts your inability in accepting a situation in life due to anger.

-Speedy Remedies.com

2. Emotional Stress Could Cause Periodontal Disease – http://www.knowyourteeth.com/infobites/abc/article/?abc=G&iid=324&aid=1249

Yep .. just one more aftermath of living in the midst of complete stress and fear for two years. Another emotional, physical and financial price-tag to add to the list of things I need to work on and offer up to Spirit. One more thing to learn from.
I also must be honest in saying that although I have taken time to study how to help and clean different organs and energy channels I had not thought much about how energy work, qiqong and complementary therapies can help lesson, prevent and even reverse issues in the teeth and gums.  Something else I can pass onto my students as I learn more about how to help myself and fix and reverse this mess. 

Thinking about some of the last entries on Karma and forgiving oneself for failings — I can see both in this situation. In neglecting myself in favor of Dean and the family I did not take the precautions that could have been necessary to lesson or prevent this lovely mess. I need to forgive myself for that now and concentrate on fixing and paying, quite literally, for the oversight. 

No matter what is happening, no matter who and what you are responsible for TAKE TIME TO CARE FOR YOURSELF! This is still a struggle for me sometimes in balancing work and kids and house but it is necessary. It is necessary for me to have time just for me and it is necessary for me to have time with Divine in order to maintain and achieve a higher order of wellness. Save yourself from having to fix your body from worry and stress by releasing it and not having it.

I am releasing now — this too will work out. Just one more hoop, one more lesson. 

The cost of Stress
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