Movement – Everything is movement

Hubble discovered clusters of stars form galaxies.

Galaxies move  – away from where we are – expanding Universe.

What caused the beginning of the Universe? Scientists and Philosophers alike debate how this really happened.

There is an expansion.

We expand with movement as well.

For the sake of this conversation feel these words.

The Beginning was an intentional breath,

Inhale and Exhale,

Perhaps the exhale came first.

With each movement – each breath – particles move – they rearrange.

When we breathe particles enter in and out our lungs – the oxygen fuels the internal reactions our body needs for life.

Our exhale fuels reactions plant life needs and this creates a biosphere – we call it the planet Earth.

For now – let’s stay on Earth –

The recognition of movement is plentiful here.

Our breath – a breath handed down from the initial breath of the Universe gives way
to consciousness
to thought
to observation

Our bodies move
Our memories move – the reshape
Our awareness moves –
     when unencumbered it expands – like the Universe.

Through expansion we recognize more
     we witness more
     we understand more
     we are more compassionate.

Our bodies: created to move and explore

Our senses: created to decode the
     auditory wavelengths.

How often are we aware?

How often do we practice awareness of how our bodies process the moving external world?

How often are we aware of how we are processing the external world with our internal movement of consciousness?

How often do we witness our experience?

When I was in school (Although I never really seem to leave school) it was very hard for me to sit still and to focus. I had to move. I tapped my feet. I rode an imaginary bicycle under my desk. I doodled constantly.

Movement helped my intellectual productivity, and my grades.

When I went back to school at 28 to earn a teachers certification to pair with my first degree I discovered in researching what is often labeled as learning disabilities and divergent learning styles that stimulants like coffee were a useful alternative for pharmaceuticals. This was especially true for certain types od Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Do you know that there are seven types of ADD?

For me, making sure I have enough Omega oils in my diet, coffee and forcing myself into some type of exercise/movement is important for productivity.

Over the years I have experimented with different types of movement – even walking before coffee.

Walking 2-3 miles around a local park before coffee, early in the morning.

The movement around me is quietly deafening.
No human sounds.
Birds’ overlapping song.
Fish and otter and Snake through water.
Turtles burying themselves in sandpits.
Wind though trees.
Frogs Croaking.
Colors of wildflowers and water lilies.
Immersion into the natural symphony orchestrated for all.
Footsteps add to the rhythm.
My breath exchanging with the breath within the flow of life.

In movement we are connected
Ripples from a butterfly wing measured across the globe

Each breath exchanging with every other breath across creation.

Emotions flowing on the breath, flowing into the One.

Walks before coffee: an unfocused and yet brilliantly focused flow into the cacophony of peace we each share. Movement within the whole, we are the instrument that brings perspective from chaos to symphony.

We try so hard to regulate our thoughts – to push away perceived undesirable or unhelpful ones.

We forget we have
which move through our experience.

Connecting external to internal merges awareness of ALL that is presently.

All that is now.

All that IS.

Walking Before Coffee