I have been working on several projects, so the blog has taken a back seat lately. One has been a book detailing the roll of a caregiver and one project has been the group Bolts of Love.

This group was started out of the idea that all situations, no matter what they are or how they affect us can be made better and we can be made better people by the addition of Love into the formula.

There are things that go on in our day to day lives that seem so void of love. People are accused of wrong doing that is not really their fault, people are fired from jobs, have arguments, are lied to, have health issues, make bad decisions and some find out that a relationship is not what they thought etc. I know some people that always seem to be struggling in one way or another, and others that seem to have situations thrust upon them that they were not expecting. There are wars in our world, poverty, children without shoes or water and governments that do not always strive to take care of the people that they govern.

How is it that we get past all of these ‘negative’ and ‘unloving’ issues? How is it that we create in our selves the best environment to succeed despite setbacks while helping and preserving the dignity of others, even if they are the ones we perceive as being in the wrong, hurt us or caused our situation?

This was the topic of discussion between some friends and myself one December afternoon. It as mentioned that sometimes the only way to handle situations is to send love to it and mean it. To wish well, to remember that we are all Divine Pieces of a Divine Universe and as such respect and love, not hate and hard wishes need to be shown.

A joke was made that some situations needed actual BOLTS of LOVE thrown in a manner much like Zeus throwing lightening bolts to effectively blow it up with love and help find the solution — or in any case give as much as possible. That conversation grew into inviting anyone and everyone that felt the same way to come together and learn from each other.

This group has been an incredible inspiration to me. I have heard stories of others that have been totally down and find that Love does indeed heal, inspire and teach. I have run into other situations in my own life in which I have reflected on this group, the people and its message to direct myself in times of hurt and confusion. I have learned that part of being a BOLT of LOVE is to also stay true to oneself and to honor others that are trying to do the same.

I have learned that practicing these things does not mean that the lessons, and the struggles, and the hard days go on the extinction list. They do, however fall into perspective. It is easier to navigate when one falls back on Spirit’s Love and Grace to navigate. It is easier to see events as a life experience and to be thankful even when it is hard. One learns not to be the victim, but the lover, forgiver, bolt of love. One learns to take the time necessary for oneself to achieve these things and to be honest when one needs the help and guidance of friends who will remind her that she is loved unconditionally.

You are also love. You are amazing. You are uniquely and Divinely YOU. I honor that. We honor that in each other.

Side note: more on Bolts of Love can be found at http://boltsoflove.com

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