Today during an enhancing of our Mediumship Session, we worked on allowing the wisdom of our Spirit Loved Ones to come through. Each of these tid-bits came from a Spirit Communicator and from the evidence provided we were able to identify each one. Even though there is a personal significance to each of these pieces of wisdom, there is a grander wisdom of connection of us all through Spirit. As Mediums we have a responsibility and the honor of bringing forth not only the evidence of existence but also the wisdom held within the life of one in Spirit, and the understanding that each of us are not only able to receive and bring forth this wisdom, but we, as our Spirit people are capable of our own wisdom grounded in the Unconditional Love of Divine Intelligence.

Thank you so much to all who participated in this exercise. You are a course of my inspiration.

  •  Jenn

“Do not allow struggles to overtake your life; keep your head high as you navigate through life and be proud of who you are.”

Drama is just that. Drama. Nothing. Live your peace

Save your drama for the llama!

You don’t have to make life so hard for yourself.  Sometimes it is better just to surrender and allow things to be.  Choose your battles.  “I’ll be your point of contact and set them straight”.

Nature take time to slow down, regenerate, see the beauty around you.  be aware

Stay centered in the present moment.  The past and future is beyond our control.  All that matters is now.

There is no greater pride than watching your child grow up – it doesn’t stop when you pass.  But what you do in the physical body affects the type of growth you must watch from beyond.  Don’t ‘check out’ – make sure you’re always ‘checked in’ (with your kid/kids).

Don’t let “perceived handicaps” keep you from cowriting/co-creating your own story. No need to worry about family or other critics of your “methods of madness” (episodes of full flight from reality). Laugh it off! You are in charge!

“Keep moving, not sitting, SHUFFLE things around to get to that which is most important.  Forgive and move on”

“Fun can be found in the simplest things.  Something as simple as a bike ride and the wind blowing in your hair can bring joy.  Don’t let financial worries steal the beauty and freedom that are around you and are there for the taking.  Carpe diem.  Seize the day!”

Be grateful for what you have for many have much less and desire less

You are beautiful and don’t need external substance to be happy. You can allow extras as part of the experience, but not a crutch to have an experience. Smiles, laughter declutter the world. You can’t save them all. You are only able to give a presence and a safe space. Each has their own way.

Wisdom of Spirit
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