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Self- Development ($35):

This 9 class series was inspired by the book Self-Empowerment by Ellen Ratner and Anne Gehman. The series is a look into the ways our spiritual pioneers tackled self improvement, self discovery and furthering of ones own spiritual awareness through empowerment. We discussed ways in which we can use the techniques today and worked our way through several exercises which had the basis in teachings that date back sometimes 150 years. The following are the live recorded videos in which the various topics that came up through a study of the book. (Recorded 2018)

Mediumship Building Blocks (9 Class Series – Pre-Recorded): $125

Part 1 (3 classes): The Who, What and Why. Necessary Vocabulary, philosophical foundations, as well as exercises for connection to self, Healing, Guides, Guardians, Helpers and all of Spirit.  Part 2 (3 classes): Your Psychic Self, Psychic tools and techniques, the importance of energy, auras, color and healing.  Part 3 (3 classes): Your Mediumistic Self, The Medium’s Tool Box, The Challenge and Importance of Evidence, structuring a contact, Building/participating in a circle, Practicing specific types of evidence.

Oracle Cards and Mediumship This class was recorded line and is a 3 hour walk with Oracle Cards and how they may be used for self reflection, for psychic readings and for mediumship.  $15

Gratitude Journey (12 weeks including 12 lessons, reflections meditation and journal suggestions) $25

Blending with Spirit Exercises (4 of them) $15

Integrating Awareness: This is a 4 part class bringing awareness to the ability to integrate aspects of our humanity with aspects of our spirituality for the fullness of experience. $15


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