Grief Education/Coaching is NOT a reading/sitting. This is an opportunity to be supported and heard through your grief/trauma/loss. These are all intense areas of change for anyone. This is an opportunity to be witnessed and supported in your unique situation. There is no one right way to move forward into the rest of your life after a loss. This is a chance to feel less alone, see what grief reveals in us and our life, finding the meaning in our lives and getting a better understanding of our own particular grief to heal, find joy, and form a new relationship with our grief and loss. You may schedule a time only once or schedule on a regular or semi-regular basis.

DISCLAIMER: Readings are a form of experiment, no claims are made and results cannot be guaranteed. Readings are not fortune telling, the aim is to try and give evidence of survival, which may include a glimpse from spirit as to the overall situation of the individual at that particular time. Any life choices you make must be your own, as only you can choose your life’s path. I would advise you not to book a sitting/reading if you are aware of any medical or psychiatric condition, which may affect your interpretation of the sitting. Please leave at least 6 months in-between reading/sitting appointments.