Once again there is a song in my head that won’t let go … Songs that won’t leave my brain go are usually something I need to think about, or meditate on … or just the lesson of the day. Sometimes it is pretty neat that I can hear Spirit talking to me through songs and sometimes it is just downright frustrating until I understand what it is I am to really understand.

Today’s song is by a band called Skillet. Yeah, my musical tastes are all over the map. I guess that is a good thing — leads to lots and lots of variety.

The song talks about being who you want to be no matter what. It talks about being “awake and alive” when you are living the way you are meant to live … following the path that will lead to the most growth, love and enlightenment. It reminds all of us that when the path is getting dark and bumpy and another path may seem better that we only have to BREATHE …

I love that they use the word breathe.

The song actually says that “I can feel you breathe into me.” I have come to understand more and more that Divine is not just one figure out there — but is in absolutely everything, all encompassing, within everyone… everything. When we consiously remember that and take the time to be still and BREATHE — our own Divine spark within comes into focus and we can hear, we can see …

“Stand your ground and never back down.”

So hard to do. So hard to just believe that you are doing what is right for you. So hard sometimes to make the right decisions that fit with what your life purpose really is and what it is you are supposed to be learning to grow in Spirit. Hard to stay focused on the good… .and this is the season that is supposed to bring out the good.

There are so many tragedies though this time of year that sometimes makes that hard. My first marriage ended over the holidays one year and another Dean was diagnosed, this Christmas I am dealing with questions from my children about where their daddy really is now. Hard to “stand your ground” and “breathe”.

The powering nature of this song, however totally reminds me to just power on through. Spirit is always there. In a lot of ways I feel as thought I am “waking up” for the first time. Lots of endings in the past for this time of year. Looking forward to “waking up” to a new beginning this year.

Waking UP
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