Lots and Lots going on – Not sure I feel overly inspirational, however … guess that is why the long absence from posting. A friend reminded me today, however, that in just being myself (ourselves) is just enough. The studio


Every think that the Universe if trying to bang you over the head with a lesson? Today the sermon at church was all about moving forward. It was about not letting things in the past get in the way of


Our world is all about balance. When something is out of balance the rest of the whole suffers. I was reminded more than once the past few days that I am a mind, body and spirit. That all need work


I took this photo of my two youngest sons last July. The setting sun was just perfect, they were playing and having lots and lots of fun in the warmth of a summer evening. It is possible to feel the


“Look Mommy, my teacher and I made this for you.” What I heard when I picked Cian up from school today and he had this this picture in his hands. “You know God helped make me how I am and

Just Because

This is a card I received in the mail. Actually I forgot to check my mail this weekend and just pulled it out of the box this very cold, blustery, snowy and yet awe inspiring beautiful Monday morning. This weekend


The sky is filled with energy and light. Stretching to the Universe and the Cosmos there is a bridge.The bridge of light and truth;The bridge we are allowed to walk in times of tourmoil and strife;The lighted was to our