Yesterday was my birthday. The fact that I was having a birthday started to seep in sometime last week. I realized that this would be the first year in about 13 years that I would not be going to the

Just Run

As part of the getting me back on track work I have added a gym workout to my daily routines. This has been help with help of friend and personal trainer Renee. It has been a bit frustrating at times


For the past few days I have been ‘stranded’ at home because of a sick baby. (Well, he is four years old but he reminds everyone that will hear him some days that he is indeed “Mommy’s Littlest”) It has

Text Sent

Last night I hardly slept. The littlest in the house has some kind of lovely puking flu.A few other events happened and I sent the following text to three friends:“Taking Lloyd to college signups and open house this morning, Cian