Relay For Life

Last year, this same weekend, I took the kids and the older two boys and myself participated in the Warrior Dash. 87 degree heat, nothing but hills, mud, obstacles and even a pit of fire over a 3.1 mile course.

Eye of the Beholder

Recently I saw a video series in which the video panned a workplace and people were doing their respective jobs, some looked happy, some unhappy, some looked very tired and others looked as if they were virtual Tiggers full of

Being Uncomfortable

I went to a workshop this past weekend in which Rev. Simon James and Rev. Brian Roberton shared their vast experience and knowledge. At one point during the workshop the idea that if we were uncomfortable because of something that

What is Love?

I have been working on several projects, so the blog has taken a back seat lately. One has been a book detailing the roll of a caregiver and one project has been the group Bolts of Love. This group was