As early as I remember I have had trouble understanding violence in any form. It has been postulated that all we need is for at least 7-10% of the population to live, work, breathe, practice cooperation to bring the rest of the 90 plus percent of the population along for the ride. Cooperation brings about prosperity for everyone. This type of greed, and it is greed, is no good for anyone. We are a WORLD. One community, tied together economically, through technology, through trade and through resources. No one country can be an island unto itself; not any more. Live your life in this fashion, speak in this fashion, embrace cooperation. The ripples will flow. Send healing and prayers. Be the healing and the prayers. Every day choices matter, they matter on a scale much grander than we will ever recognize in the here and now. Just for today. BE

The image above is not mine, it is from the New York Times — “Ukrainians in a southern neighborhood of Kyiv sorted through the wreckage of a residential building that was hit by missiles early on Friday. Officials warned residents to stay indoors and “prepare Molotov cocktails” to defend against Russian forces.”

Be Peace