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In all of nature there is something beautiful and positive. We live in the natural world governed by natural laws. We live in a world which is both ever present, ever serving and also ever a mystery. We are immersed as part of this natural world,and yet,unlike most of it we have the free will to choose how we view, interact and be. There is an underlying understanding in all of us that fear does not need to be the focal point of our decision making. To make decisions in an absence of fear one must first consider, must reflect on what fear is being recognized. Are we afraid of control within a natural world? Are we afraid of change? Are we afraid of death? Are we afraid of losing a way of life or a standard of living?

Within the realm of free will and perception we each have the ability to view the natural world in many different ways. We each have our own kaleidoscope with which to view and the ability to turn it to the shapes and colors that best reflect our sensibilities. Facts are no longer neutral. Science, religion, politics, health, prosperity, love, prejudices, joy, gratitude, events are all seen through individuality. 

It is in discernment, it is in the silence of our heart, the stillness between the beats where we are able to view and understand with wider views. It is in this place we find compassion’s seed. The choice then is to plant the seed or continue to create the story of fear, whichever version we are holding.

Fear is a natural part of the human experience. It is within fear we find the places within ourselves that need alignment with the Universe, and generate healing. In healing our own fears, we grow in compassion for others with the understanding we are all on a similar journey. 

Compassion does not mean agreement, but it does lead to listening and to compromise. Compassion takes away hate and infuses our mortal experience with awe and gratitude for the adventure. It allows us through our individuality to express the love Spirit holds and is ready to share through us. It creates awareness that the natural world, the experience we live in is forever giving us ways to recognize and express that love. 

The choice is ours. 

Compassion within Fear
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