Last month I was given the opportunity to speak about Peace with the congregation of Unity in Edinboro. In reflecting on that subject I became acutely aware of how often we as individuals often create the realities of peace, or the lack of peace in our daily lives. It is so easy to get caught up in the ‘dramas’ that make up humanity. it is easy to allow for other people’s issues to impede on our own personal framework. How do we respond to these daily upsets? How do we allow ourselves to remain informed citizens of the world and not totally put ourselves into a bubble so as to not upset our own personal apple-cart? One piece is remembering that each and every person on the planet has an opinion, a background, a belief system, a framework for living and stimulus each and every second of the day. Every person. Which means the perspective of EVERY person has the potential of being different.  Peace simply starts by recognizing that wonderful reality of human existence. No, the other person does not see things the same way, not even members of the same house. This is a perfect opportunity to discover the meanings behind the perspectives. This is a perfect opportunity to listen, observe, and still oneself in, around and because of situations that we find grate our own perspectives — our own individual monitor of what being a peaceful individual is all about. When we take the time to monitor our own reactions and decide on conversation, healing for the situation, quiet, observation and listening it is possible to allow our own personal light to shine and also allows the situation to make itself clear. Trusting in our connection to a peaceful and loving universe created by an infinate God will allow the Divine peace and love to flow through us and brighten the way not only for ourselves but others as well. 

Allow yourself time. Quiet time. Allow the phone to be turned off, the door locked. Allow 15 minutes. Place one hand below your belly button and the other hand at your heart. Imagine warmth from your belly when you inhale filling you up. imagine that you are surrounded by the golden light of Creation as your sit, and breathe. Allow that warmth to flow through your entire body and on an exhale it flows through your hand on your heart, filling your heart with the peace and love of Divine. Repeat this. Allow it to flow naturally. If you lose track, no matter. That you allowed quiet time with Spirit is all that really matters. When you are through allow the golden light to condense under your hands, bring your hand from your belly up to meet the hand at your heart, bringing the golden glow with it, take both hands filled with golden light to your forehead. Place both hands there in gratitude for your time with Divine. Inhale with hands on forehead and exhale moving both hands again to just below your belly button. Once again, so much gratitude for sharing the way and allowing the way of peace with all of Creation. 

You may do this Focus sitting or standing …. take time a couple times a week between now and the next spiritual focus.

Below is the audio from the talk given at Unity. Many Blessings: Jenn

Spiritual Focus: Peace