Admit it — when you see 11:11 you make a wish.

Sometimes I see this on more than the clock and there are several times friends have commented on my posts, or texts or whatever happening at 11:11 (both am and pm)

But what does it really mean?

There are all kinds of theories. I have looked up a ton of them. They range anywhere from some type of programming in our DNA to reminding us that there are angles really among us ready to be asked by us for help.

In the most basic sense it is a sign, a symbol, a reminder … a message.

I have a friend that we often remember to “wish” upon the times of 11:11. I looked at my car earlier today and found that the stickers for the inspection read 11 11 — with bright white backgrounds.

Perhaps the thing that catches your attention is not 11:11. Maybe you remember something meaningful when you see the color yellow, or when there is a certain song on the radio, or when you happen to see a particular animal like a squirrel or deer just starting at you. Maybe you have heard different people say similar things to you throughout the day. Perhaps you do not realize it until the fourth one has told you the same thing.

Signs, all of them.

Messages from the Universe, from your angles, from Divine allowing you to know you are not walking the path of life alone and to remind you of things you need to know in order to keep on the correct path for you.

I have heard say to me at least four times in the last couple of days that there are no coincidences. AND I have seen and recognized 11:11 probably 20 times in the past month. Last night I saw five deer just standing on the side of the road and looking at me as I passed by on my way home from Spirit Circle. Sometimes I understand what these things mean right away and sometimes I need to seek counsel or do a little research or extra prayer and meditation to figure out what these messages may mean.

For example in my research about 11:11 I found out that in numerology circles the names of many religious leaders such as Jesus and John the Baptist hold 11’s as their number? Perhaps a reminder to me to keep my focus and my prayers directed where they need to be. Also, just to have a little fun. It is always good to keep wishes alive.

What about the deer? I found out that for some Native Americans seeing many deer in that fashion signals that I have just gone through a rather rough spot in life and that I need to seek out nurturing people and circumstances. The spirit of the deer is said to help find strength and endurance and plenty after and during hardships.

I know there are a lot of people that may think that all a bit hokey, but I know that when I am open minded and willing to look beyond the western “norm” in the way of thinking I  am blessed with guidance and a closeness with Divine that now only inspires but reassures. Take yourself out of the messages only on Sunday and only at church box. Listen and feel and know the world around you. Spirit is not limited by any means to the sanctuaries and will find ways to talk to us 24/7 if we allow and if we take the time to recognize.

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