Will Arnet is a voice actor in many of my favorite animated movies. This quote, however seems to have brought him more recognition than all the movie credits combined.

Gratitude is a choice. Appreciation for anything from the first consious breath in the morning, to having food for the day we are blessed.

Yesterday it was a bright and sunny day early. I noticed the brightness of the sun and the 57 degree weather at the beginning of November and decided that when the boys came home from school we would take a ride to the Food Co-Op for something different and then to the beach.

By the time the kids got home at 3pm the sky was covered with a blanket of gray clouds and both boys came in very grumpy. We went anyway. I am glad that we did. While at the Co-Op I spoke to Marnee and mentioned I was a little sad that the clouds rolled in when I really wanted to go and spend some time at the beach. She immediately told me what a wonderful idea that was and even if it started raining we could watch the rain on the water and still enjoy the day.

The boys gathered rocks of all shades and colors they could find and created a bit of beach art. I reminded myself that taking the initiative to get us out of the house always brings out their creative and fun side. It is so easy to get sucked into the screen for hours on end. Grateful I didn’t let a layer of clouds get in the way. Grateful Marnee reminded me that weather does not need to dictate enjoyment. (Something I am going to keep reminding myself now that it is colder and getting dark by 5PM.) “I choose to be grateful. That gratitude allows me to he happy.”

Choosing Gratitude
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