One Month

Today is a very big day. Lloyd’s marching Band is performing for championships. Bragging rights for the next year and forever for Lloyd as he is a senior is they perform at first place level again tonight, as so far

Lines of Wisdom

Stole this off FacebookSo, the above photo intrigued me because it talks about being non-judgmental in a very specific situation  This photo reminds me that we need to be ourselves, and keep going even when it does not seem that

Galen’s Wisdom

Last evening while I was trying to get some computer work accomplished on photos that I have gotten WAYYYY behind on accomplishing, the little ones were playing in the livingroom. I was starting to get a little irritated by the

Fighting Blues

And I guess that’s whyThey call it the bluesTime on my handsCould be time spent with youLaughing like childrenLiving like loversRolling like thunder under the coversAnd I guess that’s whyThey call it the blues  The service on Sunday was really


Tomorrow is the official send off for Dean. I think I have finally finished the slideshow — I know it is supposed to be for before the service. But, I thought it would go nicely here as well. Dean was

The Crowd

I have nothing profound today.  Woke up really wanting to let Dean know what has been going on this weekend. I figure if I keep writing letters here he will get it on his heaven computer. I am sure he


There is very little light in the living-room this evening. The computer screen is really the most illuminating. I tend to turn the lights down low when trying to get the kids into bed, I think it helps them realize