There have been lots of surprises the past week. The photos above are from a surprise visit from Santa to our house two whole days before Christmas! Kids were totally excited. I even had the big boys home for the

Waking UP

Once again there is a song in my head that won’t let go … Songs that won’t leave my brain go are usually something I need to think about, or meditate on … or just the lesson of the day.

Being You

I turned on the computer this morning to get a little work done before I saw my first clients. This song started playing….. Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls. Granted that my son had been on the computer the night


Beneficiary is a funny word. I think I only hear it when it comes in contact with someone that has passed and it denotes the person or place that any material/earthly items that are left from a person’s life goes


Admit it — when you see 11:11 you make a wish. Sometimes I see this on more than the clock and there are several times friends have commented on my posts, or texts or whatever happening at 11:11 (both am


Seems I cannot get away from the word Karma lately. I see postings on the Internet of people that are upset with each other wishing Karma to take over. I have had two clients this past week concerned with bad